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Hi there! My name is Jamie and I run Northwest Ohio Liquidations with my husband, Alonzo. We started our business with our two amazing daughters in a small warehouse in Lima, Ohio in 2018. Since then, we've been given the opportunity to expand and have moved to a bigger location in Bowling Green. With our expansion, we've brought in an excellent team to help us bring get these deals out to you.  Our passion at NWOL has always been to help others provide for their families in some way.  I'm a mother and understand having to provide and care for my family. I became tired of paying outrageous prices for my family's daily needs. I understand the frustration of budgeting for the next month, and because of that we provide all of our products at a fraction of what you would find them at the store. We hope to bring these deals to others so they have one less thing to worry about. We have been blessed with meeting many different people from various different backgrounds and are glad to welcome them into our family. I hope our deals bring you joy, and save you a little money along the process! 

Our Business

We're located in Bowling Green, Ohio and have since opened another store in Ada, Ohio as well! We price all of our products at half of retail (sometimes less than that!!) and welcome anyone to shop them! The team and I at NWOL work very closely with meeting our customer's needs! We work around the clock to make sure that our customers get quality items for a better price. Our warehouse features clothing for only $5 as well as all of the items seen on this website. We encourage anyone who is able to visit us to see the items we have. We encourage positivity and a good customer experience to anyone that comes across us. We always accept customer feedback and hope to grow our business by doing so. We appreciate you as a customer and sincerely hope that you enjoy the products we have. 

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