Creativity Pack Colored Pencil & Crayon Bundle - Bellen's More Than Peach

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Presenting the More than Peach® Creativity Pack - Colored Pencil & Crayon Bundle - by KID CEO Bellen, World’s 1st Crayon Activist & “Skin Color” Crayon Pioneer. Bellen’s More than Peach Project was created in Spring 2019 by then 8-year-old Bellen Woodard to grow empathy, youth leadership, and a genuine joy of learning in classrooms around the world. Expand your presence and creativity with the More than Peach™ Creativity Pack - Colored Pencil & Crayon Bundle.

"I was confused that only one crayon was once named flesh by a big brand and that only one crayon--peach--was called "skin color" by my friends and classmates. So, after growing the language in my own classroom & community with “many beautiful colors”, I decided to grow The More than Peach Project to really, actually (finally!) grow the language and interactions in classrooms everywhere to celebrate every single kid and “kidhood!” In a way like no crayons before! All of my More than Peach “skin color” multicultural crayons are named "skin color" AND after natural landmarks from around the world. Why? So no kid is 'disincluded.' -Bellen

• More than Peach “Skin Color”/Multicultural Colored Pencils (12ct.)
• More than Peach Rainbow Colored Pencils (12ct.)
• More than Peach “Skin Color”/Multicultural Crayons (12ct.)
• More than Peach Rainbow Crayons (24ct.)

• Softened poplar wood
• Hexagonal barrel
• Premium quality
• 12 count skin-tone pack of colored pencils with signature exclusive Bellen's More than Peach and “skin-color” labeling.
• 12 count pack traditional colors with Bellen's More than Peach signature labeling.
• Post card message

Bright light, Bellen Woodard, is the creator of Bellen’s More than Peach Project®, World’s 1st Crayon Activist™, and “skin color” crayon pioneer. Bellen sought more inclusivity and has now gone on to make history by transforming the crayon industry and changing the world…one crayon at a time! Her project has become an international movement and she, a leader in product inclusion—influencing even the industry powerhouse to follow. Bellen’s products inspire those across cultures and generations, quickly becoming a classroom and family favorite in their ability to connect with people of all ages and abilities.

And she continues making history with her products now permanently held or available in museums. She has also been named TIME Magazine Top-5 Kid of the Year, Scholastic Magazine’s “Most Inspirational”, added to the Today’s Show Wall of Fame, featured by Lupita Nyong’o, Vanity Fair Italy, Washington Post, The Kelly Clarkson Show, and many other top media-outlets. So stay tuned…because she’s just getting started!