ZeroWater Faucet Mount Replacement Filter

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Product Overview

About this item: ZeroWater would like to introduce the new, sleeker, and longer-lasting faucet mount filtration system that offers 4x the life vs our competitors. ExtremeLife™ Faucet Mount Replacement Filter from ZeroWater is certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, Chlorine & Particulates Class I, all of which can be dangerous upon consumption. This filter only takes minutes to replace and is compatible with ZeroWater Faucet Mount units ZFM-400WH & ZFM-400CR. Replace in Minutes: Each filter comes equipped with an easy installation guide that provides three simple steps to changing your faucet mount in minutes. 1. Remove faceplate 2. Remove and replace the filter 3. Replace faceplate Our faucet mount customers love the convenience of filtered tap water on demand, that does not require cleaning, and can be replaced in minutes after six full months of use. ExtremeLife™ Faucet Mount – The ExtremeLife™ Faucet Mount filtration system is WQA certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, Chlorine & Particulates Class I, all of which when removed deliver better, cleaner tasting drinking water. In addition, the system has been 3rd party tested for >98% (on avg) for Lead reduction. The ExtremeLife™ delivers 4x the filter life as compared to leading brands, and with superior carbon fiber technology, it lasts up to 6 months or 400 Gallons. The design is Sleek and smart– available in high-polished chrome or white finish – connects easily to your kitchen faucet.